Tomato Paste / Puree :
General Description :

Tomatoes are one of the most popular fruits on earth majorly because they grow in many places.

Our premium quality tomato puree is manufactured from garden-fresh, handpicked tomatoes which are carefully inspected, washed, crushed and pulped. The pulp is further mechanically heated to the desired consistency. The processing of tomato paste/ puree is carried out with utmost care to retain the natural flavour and taste. Processed tomato paste / puree is rich in texture, low in acidity, salt and contains no added sugar. The tomato rich diet provides high nutrients to the body and keeps the skin firm.


Processed tomato puree adds a dark colour and tangy flavour to various foods like soups, stews, sauces, curries, chutneys, pizza sauce and pickles. We are the largest suppliers of high quality tomato paste / puree in India.

Specification of Tomato Paste / Puree :

Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics

Paste Puree
T.S.S (°Brix) Min 28 Min 9
Acidity(% as C/A) Min 1.5-3.0 Min 0.70- 1.40
pH <4.30 <4.30
Additives Nil Nil
Consistency – Bostwick <7 <9
Brown Specs for 10 gms <10 <10
Color Deep Red Deep Red
Flavour Characteristic Ripe Tomato Flavour Characteristic Ripe Tomato Flavour
Taste Typical Sweet sour taste Typical Sweet sour taste

Microbial Characteristics

Puree/Pulp Concentrate
T.P.C CFU/g <10 <10
Yeast & Mould CFU/g <10 <10
Coliform  per gram Absent Absent
Pathogens per gram Absent Absent

Packing :

Paste : 1 x 228 Kgs size Aseptic Bag in MS Drum/80 Drums per 20’ fcl

Puree : 70 GM to 1 KG packed in Pouch/Sachets, Tins, Bottle as per requirement

Storage : It should be stored at cool & dry place at Ambient Temperature. Preferably below 15 ºC for extended shelf life.

Self Life : 18 months at Ambient Temperature

Seasonal Chart