Since 2003, Roshan Fruits India Pvt Ltd is Manufacturers and Exporters of pulps & concentrates, Tomato Paste, Tamarind Concentrate these products are used as raw material in Beverage Industries, Non alcoholic beverage industry, Fruit Drinks, Juice industry, Bakery, Dairy & Ice Cream products, Baby foods etc, and the founders of Roshan Fruits hail from Krishnagiri town in state of Tamil Nadu which is very popular all over the country for its mango orchards. About 80% of the Totapuri variety mango is produced from this region.

Mango plantation and business has been our Ancestral occupation for the past two centuries and we have gained rich experience and popularity and recognition by virtue of our hard work, sincerity and integrity.

Infrastructure : Our manufacturing plant is spread across 40 acres, with facilities equipped with advance machineries, advance office equipments and high tech labs that are mastered by agile team with integrity , dedication and enthusiasm.

Human Resource : Our work force are highly competitive and dedicated in achieving company goal. Team spirit is our strength , our team work on strategies and are always keen and striving to give quality product & customer satisfaction .

Values : RFIPL adheres to a strict value system to provide the highest quality of service and product.

Vision : We envisioned to make our name and product recognizable in world market.

Mission : With above vision we with our agile team are here to reach every corner of the world with our unbeatable product and service.