Tamarind Concentrate :
We manufacture Tamarind Concentrate from fresh, ripe seedless Tamarind through water extract process, we ensure the product is with natural color, flavor, freshness and long shelf life. We maintain and strictly follow international standard at every stage of production.
General Description :

India grows the finest Tamarind that is brown & black in color, pod-shaped fruit tamarinds can be used fresh or dried, but are most often available in the India as fruit and processed into tamarind concentrate. Tamarind concentrate — sometimes called tamarind paste — has a mildly sweet flavor combined with an acidity that is similar lemon juice.


Tamarind concentrate is traditionally used as a way to add a slightly sour bite to Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian dishes. Use a few spoons of the paste to balance the sweetness in chutney and savoury dishes, blended in juice or sweetened drink. Try dissolving a small amount of the concentrate in regular or carbonated water for your own version of tamarind juice, a drink popular in the some countries.

Specification of Tamarind Concentrate :

Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics

T.S.S. (° Brix) Min 65
Acidity(% as C/A) 10-14%
pH <3.00
Consistency – Bostwick <12
Color Chocolate Brown
Flavour Typical Ripe Tamarind Flavour
Taste Natural & Characteristic Ripe Tamarind Taste &
free from off taste

Microbial Characteristics

T.P.C CFU/g < 10
Yeast & Mould CFU/g < 10
Coliform  per gram Absent
Pathogens per gram Absent

Packing :

Paste : 1 x 50/ 60 Kgs size HDPE Blue or White Drums

Puree : 200 gms to 1 Kgs pouch

Storage : It should be stored at cool & dry place at Ambient Temperature. Preferably below 4-20 ºC for extended shelf life.

Self Life : 24 months at Ambient Temperature

Seasonal Chart